About Us

Proud to be in Oregon, proud of what we do

Founded in Portland in 1956, PCC Structurals, Inc. makes flight-critical airplane parts that ensure the safety of air travel worldwide. Nearly every aircraft in the sky flies with parts made by PCC Structurals.

We also manufacture critical parts for the U.S. space program, components for systems that deliver energy to remote corners of the world, and devices used in hip and knee replacements that allow people to walk again pain free.

As a home-grown company, PCC Structurals shares the values of our community. We care about protecting our employees and neighbors and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Our work commands attention to safety, detail, and precision. That is reflected in the parts we make and in the way we operate our business.

Our Local Footprint
  • Nearly 2,800 employees in the Portland area.
  • Living wage salaries with benefits that include medical, dental, retirement, and bonuses.
  • Supporting schools and local services with more than $3 million in annual property taxes.
Air Quality
PCC Structurals is committed to responsible practices:

We have extensive controls in place to minimize emissions.

  • We do not use arsenic or cadmium in our metals.
  • We predominately use low-toxicity nickel alloys.
  • Our emissions are in full compliance with permits issued and audited by Oregon DEQ.

Continuous Improvement
Integral to who we are and what we do:
  • In 2014 and 2015, PCC Structurals invested $10.9 million on equipment, including air and water quality controls, that produced environmental benefits either directly or as part of overall plant improvements.
  • We are currently installing upgrades that will further reduce air emissions. In total, PCC Structurals is on track to spend $5.9 million on additional environmental controls in 2016.
  • Partnering with Portland General Electric and the Energy Trust of Oregon since 2004, PCC Structurals has reduced our electricity consumption by more than 10 million kilowatt hours, areduction equivalent to 16,337,325 automobile miles not driven and 1,744 trees planted.
  • PCC Structurals embraces the Oregon reduce/recycling ethic. We strive to either reuse or recycle 100% of scrap metal, wood, paper, plastics and other materials used in our manufacturing operations and offices.
Part of the Community

  • Three-quarters of our Portland-area employees live within five miles of our plants; one-third live within a two-mile radius.
  • PCC Structurals supports students and programs at De La Salle High School, Clackamas Community College, Mt. Hood Community College, Oregon Institute of Technology, Portland State University, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, and University of Portland.
  • Our company supports dozens of community organizations through grants, scholarships or volunteer time. Our employees proudly pitch in to help local groups including: Johnson Creek Watershed Council, Impact Northwest, the Boys & Girls Club of America, Clackamas Women’s Services, SMART (Start Making A Reader Today), and the American Red Cross.